The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television in order to decrease the violent crime in society. To what etent do you agree or disagree with this issue.

Ever since the beginning of human civilization, crime has been a part of our lives. More so, media is also a major contributor to portray violence in our society. Some people believe that the government should introduce policies to control the extent of such hate and aggression generating movies to which I completely agree. In this essay,I will address the same. To begin with, first and foremost crucial reason to put a ban on such cinema is that it has an enormous tendency to influence common man. As a result, most individuals learn the wrong and are inspired to take an action. Furthermore, events in the past have occurred where some ill-elements of the society has done a crime as portrayed in a certain movie. For instance, in India, all the events of the famous 9/11 bombing happened were a complete imitation of a popular Bollywood film based on terrorism. In my opinion, this kind of hateful cinema needs proper surveillance from the authorities because it impacts the children negatively. This is so because of continuous exposure to the fighting scenes, the youngsters could develop negative feelings, for example, rage, aggression, violence and become impatient. In conclusion, however, there are many other reasons like psychological imbalance in a person that leads to misdeed but, excessive violence projected through the media has a great effect on the mindset of the society. Film and television industry has always been responsible to reach the heads of the masses so, precautions are needed to be taken with the content.
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