Studies show that crime rates are lower among those with educational degrees. Therefore, the best way to reduce the crime rate is to educate criminals while they are still in prison. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is the road to success. It has been proven that people with an education are less likely to be involved in criminal activities. Some hold the view that training prisoners while in prison will cut back on wrongdoing. I agree with
statement, but it should not be the only option to reduce crime. In
essay, I will discuss why training should be a priority in the rehabilitation of criminals and prevention option that can be taken to prevent lawlessness. A Parolee commonly finds it difficult to make a living once set free from jail, especially if they have no skills behind their names. Empowering an inmate with a degree or even a trade will benefit their lifestyle once they are released into society.
In other words
, with some form of training, they will be more likely to be employed. Once they earn an income and can support themselves, the change becomes slim for them to be rearrested. Most of the prisoners are in prison because of their circumstances and lack education;
as a result
, they normally find themselves on the wrong side of the law. It is a good thing to educate those that have been incarcerated to prepare them for the future.
, as the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure". Programs should be put in place to help those unprivileged that do not have access to adequate schooling. Helping those people with a better education could secure them a job, mitigating criminal activities.
, the government should fund university and college tuition fees to encourage people to improve themselves for a better future.
For example
, once someone has secure a good lifestyle, will be reluctant to participate in any crime,
reducing the numbers of criminals in jail.
is it critical that the leaders of today should reduce unemployment, as
is the main reason why people get involved in illegal actions
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In conclusion, as studies showed, there are fewer offenders among educated people.
schooling convicts during their stay in jail is a good thing, as
provides some hope whenever they will be set free.
; there should be other options in place to prevent lawlessness in the
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