Some people believe the Olympic Games don’t belong to the 21st century anymore. To What extent do you agree or disagree?

Many people believe that the Olympics are becoming outdated and useless. I completely disagree with the previous statement, as Olympic competition is considered to be a worldwide sensation. International tournaments are one of the ways in which people from various backgrounds and cultures can be brought together. A lot of individuals from different countries watch these games, players from different nations can compete with each other.
For example
, a competitor from Germany can challenge a player from Egypt.
, Many spectators from different nationalities can meet each other and learn about each other's traditions. As a consequence,
is regarded to be a perfect opportunity to reunite people and see them play a fair game.
, the Olympics can become a once in a lifetime opportunity to many players to showcase their talents. Many competitors, especially those who hail from developing countries, see them as a huge step for their sporting careers.
, if the Olympics were cancelled,
would deprive them of many things that they wait for. Olympic Games are a chance for a host country to improve its economic and touristic reputation. These international events attract individuals from every place. Visitors can go to many historic sites belonging to the country hosting games alongside watching the games. To illustrate, many people got the chance to travel to London when the Olympics were held there. They were able to see the landmarks
as Big Ben and Piccadilly Road.
As a result
had encouraged more people to visit London after the games concluded. In conclusion, events
as The Olympics are still famous in the present day. A lot of people wait for them to watch different nations come together and challenge each other peacefully, away from political tensions.
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