Some people say that giving a small amount of money weekly to children will help them become more capable as they grow older. Do you agree or disagree?

Some individuals believe that the habit of making the kids manage a small pocket cash every week will help them a lot in their life. To a large extent, I agree with
habit-forming. In the current essay, I would support my argument with relevant examples. To commence with, there are many advantages in educating the kids on managing wealth.
, pupils will learn about responsibility.
discipline will be developed in them.
, listing down their expenses would be beneficial for them while growing up which will help them realize their unnecessary spending.
, it will make them understand the importance of wealth.
As a result
, kids will be careful about spending it.
but not the least, a good seed makes a good crop, so when we nurture good values in our kids, which will help them grow as better individuals.
For example
, when we know the value of cash,
we will think twice before using it.
, parents should keep an eye on how the children are using wealth because it may sometimes get misused by them.
, they may develop an independent attitude and become stubborn about asking for it very frequently.
For instance
, sometimes young ones may
extra cash for buying unwanted things. To conclude, the current essay discussed the uses and concerns of giving pocket money to the kids.
, even though teaching the kids how to handle the expenses at an early age benefits them, I opine that parents should enquire about the expenses every week before giving pocket money to them.
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