In many cities the construction of new houses and office buildings is not controlled. This leads to people building in whatever style they want without thinking about design. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

The lack of control for the building of new structures leads to society randomly build their houses without thinking about the design of the exterior.
the population can create the plan of their own buildings on one’s pat, it is considered by eminent architects
as Frank Gery that
trend negatively affects the general picture of cities, making them unattractive. On one hand, uncontrolled construction is one benefit for people planning buildings according to their taste and
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them to use
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paints and various building materials. As
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result of
, the visitors of the towns can observe chaotically stylized streets with
For example
, being in Colombo Sri-Lanka, tourists see many streets having the houses without similar styles, creating among the palms, to put it mildly, a strange picture.
On the other hand
, not styled buildings on the streets of cities negatively affect visitors.
In other words
forms a messy appearance of the city, reducing its level of prestige and attractiveness. According to an article
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the architect Frank Gery, thinking about journeys or business, people unlikely to decide to go to graceless cities, because
might affect people’s moods negatively.
For example
, one of the famous programmer John Wee wanted to invite the prestigious programmers to work together in Grodno Belarus, but due to the unattractiveness of the city
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they refused the offer. To conclude, the ability to build houses out of control can lead to an unattractive district or city.
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