Some people say that the main environmental problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. Others say that there are more important environmental problems. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion

It is often perceived by many that the loss of specific flora and fauna is the primary menace the world is facing today. I am in support of those who believe that there are other prominent issues including pollution and deforestation which need to be addressed on a priority basis. On the one hand, there are innumerable reasons why masses argue that the issue for preserving wildlife which is on the verge of extinction is more serious. This is because the survival of all the living beings on the Earth is inextricably connected so they have a pivotal role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Frogs in the food chain, for example, feed on insects, so the absence of frog would result in disturbing the cycle. Hence, they accord that all the fellow creatures are significant for the planet Earth. On the other hand, the proponents of the other aspect whom I support confer that other environment-related issues are imminent threats and need to be prioritized. To be more precise, the problem of pollution being an alarming situation should be resolved urgently as it affects mankind by reducing the air quality index. This may result in acute respiratory troubles asthma, allergies for instance, which may turn deadly if such conditions keep prevailing. Additionally, deforestation is also a major concern and need attention. Owing to increased demand for land, the forest area is being cleared to fulfil the requirement, leading to lesser absorption of carbon gases which result in warming of the air. This eventually affects the human being making survival even more difficult. Therefore, protecting the lush greens and keeping a check on pollution levels are absolute need of an hour. In conclusion, protecting the wildlife is surely a matter to be looked into but in my view, if the life of human beings is in threat, there is no denying that saving them would be a mindful step.
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