Nowadays a large amount of advertising aimed at children should be banned because of the negative effects. To what extent do you agree or disagree

In the present world, many promotion advertisements targeting youngsters which bring adverse impact on them. It is argued that those clips should not be accessible to children. I totally agreed that teenagers are better to stay away to those advertisements.
, most of the promoting videos are mainly focusing on the selling points of their products and ignoring the dark sides that might negatively affect children's development.
For instance
, there are some Candies selling organic ingredients properly hidden that fact that those candies having high sugar or sodium per piece.
misleading message, which commonly used in advertising, attract youngsters to consume, and
unhealthy goods might affect the growth and health condition of them. Since young ages still have not acquired enough knowledge to distinguish the truth, children's advertising should be banned.
, the technique applied to advertisements might build up the wrong concept for
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young ages. Businessmen usually combined their products with fabulous images and concepts to boost sales.
For example
, toys business will combine their goods with materialistic and high social status as an attractive point to tracker customers' emotion to buy. Since children are easily accessed to those promotion clips on TV, kids learn through these association from the advertisements and build-up the wrong concept easily.
is harmful to the children by altering their proper attitude and manner that learnt from school. In conclusion, advertisements for children should be carefully regulated to prevent the kids
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the messages. Parents
play an essential role as a firewall to ensure their children free from the numerous harmful messages.

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