The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in cities and towns closing. Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, online shopping is becoming more popular especially in developed countries. Some people think this will close down all physical shops because of its easy accessibility. Ultimately, it is less stressful; however, I will discuss why there are doubts if this will actually come to existence worldwide. On the one hand, online shopping and buying things from physical stores has been an argument for years globally. Most people think purchasing things via the internet is better than leaving their houses due to its easy accessibility and less stressful. For instance, Amazon has almost everything one could ever ask for and to make it more interesting, they offer the same day deliveries. For these reasons, people will rather shop online instead of going to the mall looking for what they want. On the other hand, the vast majority of underdeveloped countries do not believe in internet selling. This is due to the fact that the cost of maintenance is high and also reduced the quality of things as well as, easy fraudulent activities going on nowadays. In Nigeria where people have lots of fake online stores, for example, some persons prefer to go to a physical shop to buy what they need which include, wedding dresses, hair extensions, body cream and so on, irrespective of the cost. For these reasons, there is no way people will gain trust from buying what they need via the website in order to prevent disappointment. In conclusion, although there are arguments if online shopping will take overall physical stores worldwide; however it is going to be difficult. People should be more educated about the risk of buying pieces of stuff from the website.
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