Immigration has a major impact on the society . what are the main reasons of immigration ? To what consequences can it lead to ?

Nowadays, the vast majority of people choose to leave their home countries due to multiple reasons.This trend will significantly affect contemporary society.This essay will elaborate on the main causes of this phenomenon and its dire consequences. On the one hand, it is completely true that a lot of individuals from third world countries prone to migrate from their homelands aiming to live a better-off life.In other words; living in a prosperous nation implies living in a country with a stable economy.For example, according to statistical data that has been revealed recently, about 80% of Egyptian skilled workers immigrated to Canada because of the better employment chances and higher salaries.Thus, it is a common belief among people who live in impoverished countries that if they emigrated, they would have better living conditions. On the other hand, it is undeniable that immigration has negative impacts on both immigrants and their country of destination.Unfortunately, a lot of refugees face a myriad of difficulties in the host country as they have to adapt to a different culture than their original one.Moreover, they have to learn a new language which might be extremely burdensome for them.Therefore, the leading authorities have to run various refugee assistance programs to help those people.For instance, In 2014, according to an article published in The New York Times, American government allocated a tremendous amount of money to assist immigrants at that time. In conclusion, In the light of what has been discussed, despite the fact that people immigrate to have better life prospects, life circumstances after immigration may not always meet people's expectations.
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