Some people say that giving a small amount of money weekly to children will help them become more capable as they grow older. Do you agree or disagree

It is true that money is an essential asset in our daily lives. The portion of population opines that parents should lend money to their kids on weekly basis in an early age for their better future. I ,however, disconcord with the opinion and hash out my perspective in the following paragraphs. To commence with, firstly, in this competitive world, a child already has a huge burden on his shoulder. To elucidate, it is probably a dream of each parent that their kid should have an extravagant skill to compete with others such as should be good at sports, academics or other extra curricular activities. Thus, teaching them a necessary practical skill of budgeting might be less effective at an early age. Apart from that, at present due to the invention of technology, pupil's education has also get virtual and it is a need of demand. As a result, if kids have access to money they can possibly purchase unnecessary items or probably dangerous things through internet which is ultimately a negative framework for societies. On the flip side, as proponents believe monetary skills can be beneficial if inculcate from the very first youth. Certainly, there are obligations to teachers and parents that they teach their students or children about the spending and expenses. However, it is undoubtedly a complex process for a child to understand whereas, teenagers are fully developed to evaluate the budgeting strategies. For example, a kid who starts calculating expenses or savings and might end up into debt would be totally devastated for the entire life. From the aforementioned points, I draw out a conclusion that monetary skills are eventually utmost important for a balanced life, thus children should be deprived of these until certain time period so that they can enjoy their life to some extent.
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