Being a celebrity such as film star or singer brings problem as well as benefit. Do you think that being a celebrity bring more benefit or more problem?

Being a celebrity people get a lot of benefits and drawbacks. It is the most common perception of people that celebrities have everything in their life. However, the truth is that there many downsides of being famous. I personally believe that the advantages hide the dark side of popular people. On the one hand, it is a universal truth that everybody wants to become famous and get people attention because every individual likes special treatment. For example, when any popular person likes singer, sportsperson or film star; going out for dinner or lunch they get extra attention from hotel management and from those surroundings. Moreover, celebrity can everything easily in their life because they get highly paid for their work and from other companies also because they endorse their brands. On the other hand,there are some disadvantages to being popular. The famous personalities cannot anything like a common man because they always highlighted by social media. The celebrity is also followed or harassed by phone calls and emails and some fans are cross their limits and become obsessed. For example, nowadays, in western countries, young celebrities are physically harassed and also get life threats from their extreme fans, even if dined to taking photos with them. In addition, famous people do not have any privacy in their life and its biggest drawback of being famous. Whereas, in spite of all the drawback are hide under the luxurious lifestyle. To conclude become a popular person has lots of benefits and also some disadvantages but the downsides of celebrity life are neglected under fame and wealth and celebrities are used to of this life.
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