Some people think schools should group pipils according to their academic ability but others believe pupil with different abilities should educated together.discuss both views and give your opinion.

Education methods have been always considered an integral part of building a solid foundation for the future. Some would believe that there should be classes for students who are academically intelligent while others claim that students with different academic performance have to be in the same class. This essay will look into both perspectives and also why I think the school should not give any special courses for those who have better grades because it might foster the level of discrimination against their counterparts. One of the greatest advantages of designing special courses for the smart student is that they help to hone his abilities and skills more broadly, which enables him to use his potentials in different ways. For example, creating a coding class for students who show great ability in solving mathematical issues would assist these students to use their skills in developing more sophisticated applications based on their levels at math. Another benefit surrounding this view, the teacher would be able to teach learners more effectively and set up plans based on their abilities, which would lead enhancing their academic performance rapidly. Conversely, this might lead to shaking the education process within any institution because it could possibly foster discrimination among the learners. In other words, students may become less confident about their learning process as their peers are more intelligent than them and receiving special treatment by instructors. This certainly would establish an unhealthy environment that promotes inequality among pupils. To sum up, despite the advantages of allocating classes for students with a certain ability , it might have a negative impact on the performance of other students with average ability. In my point of view, I think classes and courses should be open for anyone who wants to obtain knowledge in spite of their academic background differences
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