Most people believe money is a very important consideration when choosing a job as it can help you get a better lifestyle; however, there are some who believe it is more important to have a job you enjoy and that this, and not money, will lead to greater happiness and a more balanced personal life. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is the most debatable question, whether people should opt for jobs, which give more money or choose those jobs that give them a satisfying life. So, some people think that higher salary jobs are far better than lower salary jobs, whereas others argue that satisfaction must be important while doing jobs. I cent per cent agree with the latter view. First and foremost, there are many other important things in life than money. The lower-income work does not give much money to the employee but, they are satisfied with their jobs. They live their lives happily, because they do not have to production hard for applause but, do work because they liked it very much. They, not only have stress-free lives but also have a good social life as well, which are too good for a healthier life. On the other hand, higher-income jobs give freedom to workers. They can travel across the world through their money power. They can choose their destinations where to live, it eventually leads to a luxurious lifestyle. They also have flexible working hours. Moreover, they may work from home, owing to they have enough devices, which connect them to the company easily. However, these types of jobs have a higher level of stress, owing to it may lead to some incurable diseases such as insomnia and diabetes. The social life of them is completely compromised in between daily busy schedule. They are not able to use their money on their own also. To conclude, the lower salary jobs must have less money but, they do not diminish the health and social life of workers. So, its pros outweigh cons.
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