Whether or not someone achieves their aims in life is mostly a question of luck? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is an assumption that fortune the key to a person's achievements. I would say that is an erroneous conclusion because the advocates of claim ignore alternative determines relevant is discuss. Indeed, fortune can help people achieve their goals. That is why sometimes fierce competition may make the value of efforts unable to magnify. People still can not achieve success. But if there is something beyond the ability, To illustrate, in the human, material, financial and other emergencies, perhaps people may get unexpected gains. For example, when interviewing, far more than your competitors can't come because of traffic jams or other family reasons, you may get the job. But in fact, The above is not entirely a stroke of luck. There are other factors hidden under it. If you're not good enough to get into the last round of interviews, and you won't be able to get a job even if everyone has an emergency. So blessing requires some effort to do the premise. Other success factors mean patience is also critical. Many aims in life may be relatively large, such as becoming the best writer, getting the best employee, having twins, etc. These goals unable achieved overnight, which means they need to wait a long time. Even with a windfall, these things may have to wait. In a word, patience is not a decisive factor in our success. Other factors such as patience are also important.
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