Levels of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. What are the reasons for this, and suggest some solutions?

In today's modern world, the crime rate among youngsters is accelerating. The obstacle has become a huge headache for contemporary society. The essay will discuss the reasons behind arise in youth felony and would provide suggestions in accord with the problem. The young age people may get involved in criminal activities for several reasons. Fundamentally, teenagers easily tend to attracted by the lifestyle of others. Expensive phones and watches have become a trend these days. A young person when seeing someone with the invaluable things he desires strongly to have them even if he may not be able to afford which in turn may lead to the involvement in illegal situations. To give an example, if an innocent young age boy sees his friend with the latest cellphone it could not be denied that he might want the same phone and that desire makes him think he should get it by any means. Additionally , unemployment could be another reason for an increase in wrongdoings. People could not afford to make ends meet, consequently , to provide for the family they are forced to do wrong. In order to solve the problem, it may be suggested that stringent laws could be put in place for the offence. The youngsters should not feel that they would not be convicted as they might not meet the age criteria for punishment. For an instance, if a person rapes a woman he should not escape because he is underage. The change in laws may instil fear in the mind of an offender before committing a sin. Furthermore, to tackle the issue of unemployment the government may introduce certain skilled programs free of charge which could help people to find work and make an earning. In conclusion, even though, high rise in the violation of law has become a significant issue but it could be controlled by making some changes to the justice system.
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