In modern age, some people think it is unnecessary to teach children the skill of handwriting. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the 21st century, technology has developed beyond one’s wildest imagination. Some electronic devices have changed their lives, But Some people feel that handwriting skills no longer need to be taught to children. I think children are learning handwriting skills now. Indeed, the current electronic equipment has developed. Even children can easily use the touch screen to write, type, voice to complete the text input. For example, the exams, applications for certificates, and account registration through electronic equipment. It seems that the traditional writing ability has come to an end. In fact, what was included in handwriting skills was that and the benefits it can bring to children's future development are far from that. First of all, the writing process involves. Fine motor skills, such as holding a pen, writing from left to right, from top to bottom. Or write in another order, which can promote the development of children's cerebellum and the development of children's intelligence in the future to be helpful too. Besides, the process of writing improves the hand-eye coordination ability of children. What's more, it's the whole body synergy. This is because when writing, children need to sit upright and use the right one. Posture and posture to write. With these abilities, children will do other things related to eye synergy in the future. The effect will be better, such as opening drip Although science and technology have developed, We should not dwell on the results, but pay more attention to the whole. What children learn learning.
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