Some businesses find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skills. What are the causes? Suggest possible solutions

Some companies find that their new staff lack basic interpersonal skills like being not able to cooperate with other team members. This essay will discuss the main causes of new employees lacking such kind of skills including lack of practical experience and a limited range of courses related interpersonal skills at university. At the same time, this essay will suggest solutions to this problem including providing more intership and training courses. Students these days do not have enough opportunities to practice and learn interpersonal skills at university. They tend to have much higher study pressure than ever before. They are always told to get higher marks in exams because the mark is an important way to evaluate how well they have done. In fact, they concentrate more on the exams other than practicing what they have learned. For example, many organisations would take students' GPA into consideration as a factor whether they are a good fit for the company. In addition, generally, interpersonal skill is not regared as a subjet should be taught in the school. As a result, students The organisations and schools are both crutial to solve this problem. Both od them should create more opportunities for the young people to gain more experience which could make their furture career go more smoothly. For instance, the organisations should offer the young people more opportunites to do an intership. This is a great way to cultivate their potential employees and have these students equiped with these vital skills during the intership. On the other hand, schools should open wider ranges of training courses for students to choose, which could let them prepare for their furture career in advance. Therefore, in order to make the young people switch into a new role sucessfuly, both companies and schools should play an important role on it. In conclusion, there is a phenomenon nowadays that new employees do not have adequate interpersonal skills. This essay discussed how this phenomenon is often caused by lack of practical experience and traing courses. Meanwhile, it also suggested that the solutions to this problem are twofold: to offer more intership opportunities and provide more training courses.
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