The Internet has dramatically altered our lives over the past few decades. Although some of these changes have been negative, the overall effect of this technology has been positive. What are your opinions on that?

The advent of the internet has greatly influenced our lives in the past few decades. Despite certain drawbacks of it, the facilities offered by it are beyond comprehension. I personally stand in the favor of this notion and this essay will further elaborate on it. First of all, a leading disadvantage of the internet is often referred to social media applications which have imposed a negative impact on the social lives of the youngsters. For instance, it could be noticed easily among the teenagers having millions of friends online and literally no actual social circle. Additionally, this addiction has glued them to their phones around the clock leaving no time for their families or doing physical activities since these apps seem much more fascinating than real-life. Regardless of this only shortcoming, there are a plethora of advantages offered by the internet in various field, namely, education, research, art, culture and music. It is undoubtedly obvious that internet is an ocean of knowledge since the latest researches have been done and shared over it. Moreover, it is also an immense source of entertainment, thanks to the website and applications such as Netflix, Youtube and SoundCloud, these come in handy to cheer us up at the worst moments in our lives. As a whole, the net impact of the internet on us would definitely be positive. To conclude, the influence of the internet on our lives is undeniable, either positive or negative. Besides a few minor drawbacks of it, the internet has provided us with a myriad of benefits in every field of life. In my opinion, the aforementioned statement holds a valid point and this essay supports it as well.
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