Some people say that the experiences a child has before starting school have the most influence on their future life. Others say that experiences as a teenager, especially at school, are more influential. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

While some people believe that what a child experiences prior to their school time is the most influential to the future life, others think that teenage experiences at school are more important. This essay will discuss both viewpoints. On the one hand, what pre-schoolers go through plays a crucial role in their adult life. Firstly, such experiences can contribute to a child's creativity. In fact, it seems effortless for children to absorb new things in life due to their brain's flexible plasticity. In addition, their developing brain can allow them to read those things in different ways, which can shape their own world view that can make them more creative. Furthermore, negatives that children are subjected to seem to take a heavy toll on their future life. Children who are victimized by bullying or abuse are more prone to become withdrawn and sensitive to society in adulthood. Thus, childhood experiences can cause a significant influence on a person's future life. On the other hand, teenage students' life experiences should not be regarded as trivial. Young people tend to change their behaviour and mindset as teenagers. When young people reach their puberty, they are likely to suffer social stress and aggression owing to their stress hormone system development. In the long run, such changes in their hormones may give rise to chronic mental problems later in life. Moreover, school time is instrumental in making a young person a well-rounded adult. Education at school can not only equip students with the fundamental knowledge needed for their prospective career but also facilitate their social awareness, such as moral code. Therefore, puberty-driven changes in teenagers' personality and schooling can affect their life as an adult. In conclusion, experiences as a pre-schooler can have an effect on their adult life. However, I believe that school time that teenagers have can equally influence adulthood. More importantly, both children and teenagers should be cared and educated appropriately.
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