some children find some particular School subject difficult for example math or philosophy so this subject should be optional rather than compulsory to what extent do you agree or disagree?

it cannot be denied that a study has become a part of individuals life that is playing a crucial role in their task which they are doing on daily basis. a segment of society thinks that in the schools some subject should be optional rather than compulsory. I completely disagree with this statement I will delve my point in upcoming paragraphs before reaching the conclusion To begin with academic education play a vital role in children life. without education individuals cannot survive in this contemporary era so all subject should be compulsory in the school for the children education. if children will not study in all subject then they can not enhance their knowledge in different area that will help them in their future life to get the jobs. for instance, sometimes children feel difficulties in Maths subject and others.they try to change the subject rather than hard work on that . this thing will put a bad effect on their entire life not only this they will always find optional things in whole life that will not be possible. Moreover, in this modern era,everyone wants to be rich , that is only possible by the higher study and knowledge. with the help of vast knowledge person can become multi-talented in the company and get higher salary with that salary person can enjoy the life and fulfil the all needs and desires also.and individual can spend their whole life comfortably. thus all subject should be compulsory that is important for the children. In conclusion, in these days study and job competition is the higher optional subject cannot become multitasking the person so in academic education all compulsory subjects should be taught that would be good for the student future
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