Some say that university students must only learn science and technology. While others believe that they should learn what they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some say that all college students must have a freedom to choose the subject that they prefer to learn, while others view that the government should impose a policy for the undergraduate learners to only learn science-related courses that will be handy in the next 10 years. While it is true that studying functional subjects like medical and robotics would be more beneficial for the country in a long term, I believe that students would be able to contribute more to the country by applying knowledge that they gain from learning courses they have passion on it. Some argue that the students must learn tech-related courses that are deemed important for the sustainability of the nation. By mastering these subjects, it will produce many tech-experts and doctors, and consequently become great assets in the future. For instance, a similar initiative in Germany resulted in a 62% increase in medical experts, so the state is no longer concern about the health issue. Despite this great outcome, I believe that forcing someone to learn those unwanted subjects would cause a bad effect on their mental state and eventually not optimize their latent skills. On the other hand, it is argued that third-level education students are supposed to master subjects that they like. By learning certain subjects with passion, it would attract them to know more about that particular subject. This will unleash their true potential, so they can contribute more to the country. For example, in Switzerland, an initiative by the government to liberate college students to choose their own program resulted in a 71% increase in the bachelors who deliver a great contribution to the state from their specialization. In conclusion, although it is necessary for the college learners to study subjects that are useful for the country, it would not maximize the output of their study because they do not actually want to learn it, and therefore, it would be prudent for the state to let them choose their own subject.
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