In Britain when someone gets old, they often go to live in a home with other old people where there are nurses to look after them. Sometimes the government has to pay for this care. Who do you think should pay for this care, the government or the family?

It is true that when a person in the UK is old, he would be sent to the house of the elderly. In my opinion, I believe that there is an exception when not only the state has to pay for the old people but also their families. On the one hand, it is required for a country to have places for those who old and left alone. A quite frequent situation, when once a family member got to his mature age the youngers with no desire to help in assistance would leave oldster alone. To illustrate, in Russia, there is a law which says that if an old man without nobody keeps an eye on him, this person should be taken into the national home for the lonely aged. On the other hand, a family has to take responsibility for its members. In other words, if you were living together for a long time, it is doesn’t matter how ugly or disable your old relative became. However, if there are a strong necessity and no way to live along with the old man, the family might give their member to the home with well-qualified stuff and pay for its work. Finally, in my opinion, the government should take care of old individuals only in case if there are no relatives to live with. Confirmation about loneliness would handle the state to support, otherwise, there is no exception for the family, which took the elderly out from home. To conclude, old people have the right to be looked after by their government. In my point of view, this could be done only if there is no kin.
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