A healthy person is often described as someone who has a good diet, gets plenty of exercise and avoids stress. What should people do to stay healthy in your country? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

"Health is wealth"; all of us have kept hearing
as we grow up. How can people improve their well-being? Is it through the food we take and the lifestyle we live?
the answer is 'Yes', the entire nation cannot be classified under the same umbrella, who can afford it. Different measures can help everyone stay healthy, which will be covered in the essay.
, it is undeniable that a balanced diet and regular physical workouts will ensure people stay healthy in any country.
, in my country, most of the population comes under the lower-middle-class, who always get stressed out for money to make ends meet. Out of
, 30% of them are below the poverty line, who literally struggle for their daily survival.
For example
, as the latest Sensex update, 28% of the country's population do not have their meal if they cannot go for a job.
, it is evident that these daily wage labourers can neither afford a healthy meal nor invest their time in physical well-being.
, the government and the richer countries should address
needs as healthy people are roots for a wealthy nation.
On the other hand
, the upper-middle-class invest in their health by following a proper diet plan and a healthy daily routine. Even though more than 50% of them cannot handle the fame and status.
For instance
, as per the Inter-state fitness club research, 52% of celebrities suffer from depression and bipolar diseases.
, to avoid these mental traumas, the daily practice of yoga and meditation helps. These tools help one to live life to the fullest potential. To conclude, it is undeniable that a balanced meal, regular workout, and meditation help us live life to the fullest potential.
, we cannot generalize the entire nation's public under one umbrella, and so the needs of the poorest of the poor should be addressed for the betterment of their lifestyle.

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