In many countries, people would rather rent a house instead of buying one. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of both.

People in some states would prefer hiring accommodation rather than having their own homes.
essay will discuss both disadvantages and advantages.
of all, renting an apartment can be very profitable for working people.
For instance
, people who do not have their own family and only concentrate on work, so usually have no spare time to spend at home. Some people usually travel al lot or leave their cities for a work trip. It is more convenient to have some temporary zone because a person can change his living area due to career.
, in some countries prices for purchasing a residence can be unaffordable. People can not spend their whole salary on paying off their houses. It can be an abysmal situation to default all mortgages.
situation made people save some money and just rent a home.
, some cities are overwhelmed, so it is usually difficult to find an accurate spot. Some people want to live in the city centre, as it is usually surrounded by attractions and sightseeing or sometimes it is located near the offices or schools.
On the other hand
, buying a residence is more beneficial for big families. They are usually many people here, so more space is pleasant if the family consists of two or more children. Mostly, houses are located in suburban areas, which is less pollutant than the cities. Children can play near their houses without parents concerns about their well-being.
, a permanent place can be enjoyable, especially in hardship. People can relax on their own houses after a tense day of work. If there are some financial problems, a person will be more confident, because a house can be sold to reduce these issues. To sum up, buying a house can be advantageous for larger families or communities
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while hiring places is valuable for working class.
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Answer the 'Advantages and Disadvantages' topic

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