Many people living in cities these days do not get enough physical exercise. What are the causes of this? How to tackle the problem?

is important for everyone at every stage of life. Because of modernization, people who live in cities don't get enough exercise.
, Urban population loves the hustle and bustle of the city as they believe that their life is all about the standard of living or earning more money. But, they forget physical
is the utmost priority, after all,"health is wealth".
, I would like to elucidate the reasons for the same along with some possible solutions.
, the main cause of
is the hectic lifestyle of the urban population. They hardly left no time to opt for any physical regime,
for instance
, In spite of the fixed office timings, they work for extra hours. Naturally, they feel exhausted after the workday and left no time to exercise.
, another reason is the poor
, a survey has shown that urban people are more indulge in junk food rather than a nutritional
For example
, nowadays many folks are consuming fried meals, burgers, processed food which is hazardous to health and lead problems like overweight, heart disease, cancer, depression and many more.
, to tackle
issues, we need to follow some preventive measures.
, the most feasible solution is to organize your daily activities and stick to that timetable. You need to do workout for at least 30minutes in a day. If somehow you don't have time
follow these lifehacks.
For instance
, you can use the stairs
of elevators. You should avoid using vehicles for short-distance
of preferring walking.
, you need to do some desk exercises if you spend long hours at work. The
possible reason is to focus on the healthy nutritious
with some physical activity and eliminate fast food from the
. There are several activities or groups that help you to remain fit.
For example
, participate in marathons,
competition etc.
, you can go for trekking or join yoga sessions.
, I would like to close my statement in a succinct manner that everybody needs to know the importance of
, being successful in life is nothing if you aren't fit. So, start your exercise routine and be fit as a fiddle.
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