Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs regardless of their academic ability. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

Securing admission in institutions, which are offering higher education, is usually determined by the academic abilities of students, which is why universities conduct entrance examinations prior to enrollment. Some people may think that all students should have equal opportunities when it comes to
matter regardless of their overall knowledge and skills. I totally disagree with
point of view
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and believe that acceptance should be based on the academic capabilities of the students.
To begin
with, the main thing that identifies the qualification of a student to a university is his academic level.
is not unusual since most universities are comprised of colleges and departments which specialize in specific courses and programs which,
, allow only a limited number of enrollees.
is opposite to those schools, which admit all students.
, with
type of institution, some of its undergraduates may not be able to finish the entire course due to their insufficient academic capabilities. A good example of
would be some of my colleagues in Nursing school who were not allowed to push through their
year after they failed the qualifying academic and practical exams.
, it is
important to take into consideration whether the course offers a limited number of slots for enrollees. Having said that, some universities set a list of criteria for admittance in order to reduce the probability of admitting applicants below the qualification level. Other institutes might
require specific qualifications especially for courses
as medicine which might only consider your eligibility if your class cards meet the necessary average mark.
On the other hand
, some people hold the view that all students should be allowed to enter universities. They feel that
of focusing on academics, programs and courses should
put into consideration the other aspects of learning,
as practical knowledge. They
argue that academics can be learned and improved in universities, so it is not compulsory that a student should encompass a specific mark or merit in order to be admitted. To conclude, in my own opinion, admission to universities should be according to the academic capabilities of the students. Without it, our society will not be able to produce top achiever graduates who will soon contribute to the development of society.
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