Universities and colleges are now offering qualifications through distance learning from the Internet rather than teachers in the classroom. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

In 2020, due to covid 19 a deadly disease, all the school and colleges are closed and teachers are bound to taught through online classes. The main advantage of distance learning is you can learn at the comfort of your home
, you will have very less companion and interaction with teachers and student . In my opinion the digital learning is great platform to learn anything anywhere
, it makes the
less expensive by saving on food and house rent . Universities are offering online classes for all degrees and it have multiple benefits. you can simply learn from your digital device like mobile ,laptop and you need not to visit any campus . Mostly classes are
pre-recorded or recorded on live so by chance if anybody miss the class they can always learn it by watching it later . Most of the universities are out of pupil's hometown so cost of
is much higher due to living expenses
can be saved by online coaching .
For instance
:- Due to covid19 restriction most colleges are closed and will not open for 1 year
, people who work in IT company of any sector can easily earn their
while working .
On the other hand
it does have some disadvantages.
it makes learning experience easier and smooth everybody don't have a mobile or laptop . People below poverty level are dependent on the classroom programs they do not have facility of online service in small town.
For example
:- Students from rural UP India hardly have electricty 12 hrs a day in each family only one mobile device is available which makes it difficult for student to learn online. In conclusion , the amount of benefits which comes from digital distance learning outweigh the disadvantages as people have alot of flexibility to choose their time and days for classes.
make the
program smoother for work employee who don't have time to visit regular college.
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