Technology is becoming progressively universal. In the fullness of time, classroom teachers will be totally substituted for technology. Do you agree or disagree?

has influenced everyone in every aspect exceptionally. It is irrefutable that the physical presence of a teacher will be replaced by the
around the world in the near future.
, I completely agree with the given statement and reasons are mentioned below.
eases one's life. Currently, a child can get advanced knowledge of everything from the internet.
For instance
, during the pandemic, all sorts of coaching were given through skype, google meet or zoom. For small children, in their teaching, teachers use animations and provide voice, they do not see a teacher on screen.
, children are more interested to learn in
it is difficult for the underprivileged to afford,
on the contrary
has been effective for affluent or educated class. Another reason is the growth of Artificial Intelligence. AI has changed the lifestyle of people around the globe effectively.
, there are many disadvantages depending on
For instance
, children are more interested as they do not need to go to school with heavy bags or get shouting. They learn much fastly and spend additional time for recreational activities. Even these they learn digitally.
, these days children are proactive. They have great knowledge of different aspects, perhaps, they know to use youtube or any social media sites effectively than a teenager or adult. To summarise,
plays a vital role in day-to-day life .
, it will change the necessity of human in multiple areas like schools or colleges gradually.
, in the future
is only going to uplift the life of an individual .
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