some people say material possessions are very useful in bringing us happpiness, but others argue that they are useless in terms of providing happiness. discuss both views and give your opinion and reasons

In various nations around the world, a few persons believe that those material assets are very helpful in bringing us satisfaction, whereas others think that they are purposeless in terms of provisioning cheerfulness. I personally agree that material properties
as clothes, accessories, furniture, and car are very practical in initiating us contentment. In
essay, I will illustrate both scenarios from my point of view. On the one hand, nowadays, people would be receiving their joy with material goods because of globalization.
For example
, according to a recent survey, 90 per-cent of people around the universe, used to spend money on their belongings
as digital gadgets, household things, and luxury vehicles.
, people want to enjoy their happiest
by maintaining material goods.
, they feel that these material things are status symbols in our society.
, Material possessions are very practical in bringing their pleasure.
On the other hand
, some people argue that the basic needs of living things
as food, air, water, and shelter are escorting their happiness.
For instance
, according to sources said, 85 per cent of people who are of middle and low-class status are surviving with minimum needs in their daily lives.
In addition
, the government is trying to facilitate the basic things to make them to happy.
, middle-class people would be completing their graduation and getting a high salary job in order to achieve a better
, material possessions are so important in bringing their pleasure. To summarise, most people think that material goods are essential to continue their happy
it has social status symbols in our environment.
, some people live with common needs around the world. In the given essay, the government encourages people to be literate and to increase their daily wages in order to get material possessions to be lived a happy
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