some people say material possessions are very useful in bringing us happpiness, but others argue that they are useless in terms of providing happiness. discuss both views and give your opinion and reasons

There is currently a contentious argument over whether purchasing new belongings is able to cheer people up or not. In my opinion, there are other features which outweigh physical goods
as health and peace. It is often thought that purchasing goods, especially the costly ones, lead people to happiness;
is a woeful point of view.
, it does not mean that buying new stuff will suddenly make all your issues disappear, which is strictly related to consumerism within people tackling a high pressure from society to do so;
behaviour must be avoided since it is only concealing people's issues. To illustrate, if a person loses their job, purchasing new goods in order to cheer them up would not help to bring their job again but only worsen the situation.
, as aforementioned, it is only a comportamental issue
that is
being used to people to run off reality.
, there are other virtues that are more important. It is believed by some that
trend entices people to put aside other valours in life, which make a massive difference from most people around the world in regarding development;
, it is usually considered that health or peace plays an important role in life, more than purchasing new thing and showing off to
For instance
, it is useless buying a new car if and a person finds seek and can not drive it, or else
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if a someone is wealthy
their job is hectic that prevent them to enjoy their money with family. In conclusion, I believe that other features
as health and peace, are a way more important than purchasing things. Thereby, people may be happy for a short period of time when buying new belongings,
, it is only a matter of time until they realize that there are most things important in life.
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