Computers today can quickly and accurately translate languages; therefore, it is a waste to learn a foreign language. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, with the help of computers, translations can be done at a very fast pace without errors because of which learning overseas languages are considered as unnecessary. I completely disagree with the given statement because gaining knowledge of the method of communication does not only mean to understand;
, it is about having an overall command over it.
essay will discuss the aspects of how learning the native tongue is always a wise choice in terms of foreign education and later on for the visitors for communication.
, if any student who wants to pursue its education from an international university cannot rely on translators to complete the studies. Particularly, for understanding the course program it is essential to have a good command over all the four parts of the language
that is
speaking, writing, reading and listening. Even though translators are accurate but in
field of academics, it is of no use as they do not develop cognitive skills. To illustrate
, for any student applying in a foreign university to pursue higher education it is mandatory to provide with the proficiency test of the language medium in which he is desiring to complete the program.
, transmission without knowledge of the local dialect in another country is impossible. People who are staying abroad which can be for any reason
as for jobs, research, holiday and many more cannot depend on technological ways for the conversation. Especially, for the migrators residing overseas survival completely depends on the communication in the word of the localists.
For example
, it has been seen that over 40 per cent of the migrators return to their home country due to lack of mastery over the vocalization. To conclude, during the age of modern devices, it seems that learning of foreign language is a waste of time, due to beneficial technologies that can fast and quite correct translate the information. In my firm conviction, I take the view, that despite
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cutting edge technologies, learning is always beneficial for mankind to survive in a country where everyone uses a foreign way to communicate with each other
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