Some people think that teenagers should follow the example of older people. Others think that it is natural for teenagers to challenge what older people say. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A highly controversial issue relates to whether elderly
should be listened by youngers or if it is common that their
is not applicable for younger lives. In
essay, I will examine both points of view and explain why the arguments for accepting elderly advice are stronger. It is commonly believed that the elderly's
should be used as a model by youths. The main reason for believing
that is
because they have the knowledge acquired through decades of life
, they are a way mature, which allow them to know how to deal with drawbacks in life.
, they are able to help teenagers avoid committing mistakes on their own. To illustrate, they already faced some challenging times that called for resilience
as war or economic crises that most parts of youngers nowadays will never have do deal with.
On the other hand
, some
claim that older's
is not important for teenagers nowadays.
is mainly because youngers must to known how to deal with their own flaws, which can be used as an effective method for teenagers to flourish themselves.
, the world has extremely changed in the
decades, which turns older's concerns obsolete due to the new society's trends.
For instance
, having a family was the most important factor to be considered as a happy person for the ageing
, unlike nowadays which
rule out families and try to achieve the professional success that will make them cheerful. In conclusion, both arguments have their merits. On balance,
, I believe that the younger should definitely learn with their older ones in order to avoid mistakes that their parents or grandparents did in the past and
to help them to evaluate.
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