In some countries, men and women are having children at later age than in the past. What are the reasons for this development ? Do advantages of this development outweigh disadvantages?

There is no doubt that today many people decide to enter the parenthood late in their life.
scenario could have both advantages and disadvantages.
essay shall discuss both of them leading to a conclusion. One of the main positives that late parenting has is that an individual might get more time to settle.
is because they could invest more time in pursuing their dreams without the additional stress of expenses of one extra life to be taken care of.
For example
, child-raising needs special attention and commitment
as a result
of which ladies often have to end their jobs and spend all the time nurturing their kid, which would not be the case if they do family planning later.
, focused career means more funds to support the living, which would be helpful in well raising of a cherub. Parents might be able to afford all the expenditure of a sprout from their childhood till they become an adult. As roses are never born without thorns,
perspective has demerits too.
, there could be certain complications during the gestation period of the child, as women muscles start to deteriorate after the thirties.
For example
, in my knowing, a lady, who got married around 35 years of her age was unable to give birth to a healthy baby
as a result
of which her offspring was not able to thrive.
, there could be a huge difference in the opinion of parents and their younglings. The reason behind
is the generation gap among them, which might lead to some conflicts as well. In conclusion, it is absolutely clear that becoming parents late could assist an adult to be more career-oriented, and have adequate notes for growing up a child but it might have a negative impact in form of issues regarding reproductive health of women and misunderstanding among family members.
, it would be better to keep in mind the biological influence of the body on the foetus.

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