The continued rise in the world's population is the greatest problem faced by humanity at the present time. what are the causes of this continued rise? Do you agree that it is the greatest problem faced by humanity?

The drastic increase in the world's population is the biggest issues encountered by mankind. We completely agree with the aforesaid statement and will discuss some of the possible causes and ways to tackle the issue. To commence with, the increase in population is the root cause of many issues that we are currently facing that includes pollution, resource depletion and many more. Every new citizen of the planet earth is putting more pressure on natural resources like fossil fuels, living space, food and so on. To illustrate
, as per the latest report published by the department of urban development. the demand in the auto sector specifically for private vehicles has been increased by five times in the
decade. It is evident that the surge in demand is linked to the increase in the people of driving age which
links to population.
, the main reasons behind
rise in numbers are the absence of required education in a certain part of the world.
For example
,in India,the acceleration of
growth is twice as compared to the global average.
clearly signifies the need for education related to family planning and use to contraceptive methods to manage the unplanned growth, To conclude, the rise in the number of people on the earth is the most dreadful problem that we are facing in recent times and can only be tackled and controlled with the help of right education at right place.

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