Some people think that planting trees in open space in cities and towns is more important than building houses.To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

It is argued about the importance of planting trees in the open areas in urban than constructing more high-building; meanwhile, others contrast suppose that the housings in the cities play a crucial role than these plantations. From my perspective, I strongly agree with the
essay will provide some cases and examples to support my point of view. I would agree that tree planting should be given priority for several reasons.
, the significant advocates of a green location may reduce the pollution level by absorbing Co2 from vehicles, other manufacturing units, and industries.
In other words
, growing trees along roadside and open spaces will create a fresh space and promote better living conditions
as enjoying outdoor activities and improving mental health.
For instance
, some cities with the most forest in nations have lower pollution rates compared to other countries including Hue in Vietnam, Leeds in the UK and Atlanta in America.
, planting activities could educate individuals especially young people to change their attitude, knowledge and mindset regarding environmental issues these days.
way, people much more care and against climate changes, which leads to the towns' beauty and .
For example
, Vietnamese students in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, and other provinces have annual plantation campaigns, an effective method of educating young people about environmental protection.  In conclusion, trees play a significant role in the environment and the quality of life.
essay discussed how it is important to grow plants in the towns and cities' empty areas. In my opinion, I absolutely agree with the statement.

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