Companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities. What extent do you agree?

It is commonly believed, those big industries can contribute to the local people in terms of sports and social service. In my opinion, I agree to the above statement to a large extent as
act of kindness will bring the talented ones who cannot afford, and charitable events can be helpful for those who are in need, along with which the company reputation will be increased. To commence with,
, huge companies can conduct social services in rural areas to be more specific as it will have a significant impact on the community
that is
mainly suffering from poverty.
In other words
, individual who are good in sports and athletics may not have enough opportunity to succeed in it, due to lack of money and facilities. In order to bring out young talent and for the development of
individuals, big organisations can offer sports equipment or conduct campaigns providing training and short courses and so on.
For instance
, one of my friends obtained his scholarship for his college education from 'Britania Milk Bikkis' by taking part in their yearly IQ contest and he won the title.
, through
an act of humanity, it will generate a good impression of the business in the market.
, it is considered as giving back to our consumers will only benefit us as goodwill in return, which is an indirect aspect of the advertising. To cite an example, there was a flood that occurred in the state of Kerala in India, at that moment food delivery firm Zomato has contributed free food for those who have been affected.
, it has become the talk of the town after the recovery of people, which was an added advantage to their company's profit.
, social help by huge industries to society will be a win-win situation from both perspectives. To conclude, I deem that, reputed firms can join to provide good amenities and encourage the folks who are interested in physical activities.
, it is left to the owners of the business to make
an event, as it cannot be forced by law or the citizens.

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