As computers translate quickly and accurately, learning foreign languages is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Since the translation performed by computing systems is fast and is quite correct so, time consumed to imbibe a foreign language is wasted. I completely disagree with the aforementioned statement. The reasons behind the above disagreement will be discussed in the essay below with relevant examples.
To begin
with, though computers convert foreign languages quickly and without any errors, investing time to learn them is not a wastage as it helps individuals to learn a new method of communication. Adapting another completely different style of conversation aids people to groom themselves in a way which not only can convey their intent but
with an adequate tone and behaviour which is somehow not possible with only the assistance of any electronic translator.
For example
, one acquaintance of mine wished to say his client in french 'respond please' so, he politely requested the same in french on the call,
, when I translated the same words on my computing system even though, I got the wors to communicate but not the intonation and tone of them as they were mentioned by the device in a neutral manner.
In addition
to the above, It is true that all foreign linguals can be translated very fast and with precision by computers,
, learning them is still not waste of time as they facilitate an amicable interaction with the residents of the nation with which the language belongs to. It will be observed by you, if you visit any country abroad and the people you interact with perceive that you can understand and communicate with them in their mother-tongue, they get more drawn towards you and connect more easily.
, they gesticulate warmly if you request them for any assistance or engage with them in a general discussion.
For instance
, one of my friends went to Germany ,
year and he wanted some help to locate his hotel. He asked an unknown personality to guide him in german and the person was very benevolent to assist him in his quest of searching for his accommodation. In a nutshell, certainly, computers provide quick and precise translations of overseas linguals,
, putting in hours to learn them is not a wastage because they enhance our capability to deliver effective communication with emotions,
, ensure an easy conversation with native individuals of the country that lingual belongs to.

Word Count

IELTS says that you should write a minimum of 250 words in writing task 2. If you go under word count you will lose marks in task response.

A very long essay will not give you a higher band score.

Aim for between 260 to 290 words in writing task 2. This will ensure a concise essay and will be realistic in terms of time management. You have only 40 minutes to write the essay and you need around 10 minutes of planning time, so you will not be able to write a long essay in 30 minutes.

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