do you agree that the advantages cars bring outweigh the disadvantages

Nowadays, four-wheel Vehicles have become a ubiquitous part of our daily travel.
essay will discuss the merits of commuting by a car, along with its demerits, and will
reach a conclusion. On the one hand, in today's world, people are often occupied with their busy work schedule.
, it is their utmost priority to save time in travelling. Cars are not only one of the fastest ways to reach a destination, but
ensure comfort, especially in unfavourable weather conditions.
For instance
, during heavy rainfall, or even in summers ,when the relentless heat makes it difficult for us to go somewhere, most of us tend to choose
medium as a preferred one.
, it shows how vital the usage of cars has become.
On the other hand
, we have some tasks in our daily routine which do not require expedition.
, we have become extremely addicted to travelling in a car that we often forget its detrimental effects on our health. Most of us, especially the ones doing sedentary jobs, hesitate to walk, even if we have to go somewhere near to our place.
For example
, many individuals, while going to the nearest market to purchase daily consumables, hesitate to walk and have become lethargic.
As a result
, increased chances of heart-related diseases can be attributed to the frivolous use of modern means of transportation.
, it can be concluded that,
unnecessary usage of cars has made people inactive, we must consider its significant importance of saving travel time and providing shelter which is the utmost requirement of every person. I firmly believe that the advantages outweigh all the negatives.
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