International tourism have brought enormous benefits to many places. At the same time, there is a concern about its impact on local inhabitants and the environment. Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages?

The world
industry has grown exponentially over the
decade and bought numerous aids to native places.
has led to some folks to believe that, these foreign travel have greatly affected the indigenous people and the environment. In my opinion,
there are few downsides to foreign travel,
the benefits it brings in the form of invigorating the
and improving the infrastructure of the country greatly outnumbers it. On one hand, foreign
has greatly impacted the countries as it boosted their
robustly by creating new job opportunities in the native places.
, it
brings foreign dollars which benefits the local
On the other hand
, the local infrastructure is
improved when it becomes a travel destination, as the government sees it as a good business prospect and invests in developing the rural roadways and public transportation to improve the convenience of the visitors.
For example
, Arunachal Pradesh doesn't have the same amount of
traffic in comparison to Himachal Pradesh in India as people avoid the same due to inferior transport facilities and road infrastructures, which greatly affects the local inhabitants as they deprived of an extra income.
On the contrary
, international tourists do impact the native lands and its picturesque landscape in the form of littering and pollution.
, the local lands of the indigenous people are taken over by the companies with minimum compensation for their own business benefits.
For example
, five-star hotels are often built on lands that were home to some local residents.
, through government regulations and facilitating strict norms, the above drawbacks can be controlled for the benefit of the local folks. To conclude,
does have flaws in form of pollution and exploitation of land, the advantages it brings by creating new job opportunities and developing the rural infrastructures outshine the former. These help in the growth of the local
and bring prosperities but
indirectly helps in making the overall country more financially robust.

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