Nuclear power is far too dangerous. Therefore, countries should ban its use and concentrate instead on developing alternative sources of energy such as hydroelectric power, wind power, and solar energy.

is widely used. And, of course, there are many advantages to using it. '
, in my opinion, I have to agree with the statement that it is far too dangerous to be used as a general source of energy. Safety is a big problem. Indeed, if there is ever an accident,
as the one that happened in the former Soviet Union in recent years, the consequences can be disastrous. '
, of course, dealing with nuclear waste is a big problem. That only with where and how to store it and how to transport it safely. And once again, should there be an accident whilst the waste is being transported to the storage site, the consequences can be severe indeed. The health of
and other forms of life that live near
stations is
a significant concern. Indeed, we often hear reports of high cancer levels amongst
who live close to nuclear
we must ask ourselves what effect
has on the- food chain,
for example
, if crops, animals, fish, etc., are
affected, how does
affect the health of
who eat
, any alternative energy sources are expensive because it is still underdeveloped.
can seriously affect a country's economy, especially countries whose economies are still' being developed.
, considering that natural resources
as coal, oil, and gas may well be depleted not too far into the future, a global effort to improve the efficiency of, say, solar
is undoubtedly afar better solution than using nuclear fuel. Having considered the issues, I am not in favour of using nuclear
because of the potential damage of a nuclear accident and the risk to
's health.
, I believe more effort should be applied to developing alternative energy sources.
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