living in a country where you have to speak a foreign languages can cause serious social problems as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

People living in a foreign country for a better life and environment. Moving to a new nation where masses have different languages can cause various social and practical issues for newcomers. In my opinion, I completely agree with
perspective due to the communication difficulties and lack of knowledge about the facilities in that area.
, the good reason to explain
situation is that due to the language barrier, the conversation among people is difficult to initiate and interpret.
As a result
,it becomes tough to socialize with the locals.
,foreigners feel neglected and avoided by the residents.
For instance
,immigrants usually hesitate to go out because they are not capable enough to understand native speakers and do not want to become a stock of mocking material to other people. Another reason to consider is that most of the immigrants face problems in the practical scenario.They are not familiar with different locations,so they generally suffer to find new locations.
For example
, if an individual has recently shifted to a new country and he or she wants to order something on the online platform,but, unfortunately, he is not having the ability to comprehend his talk to the salesperson.
will resist his
attempt at communication.
, the major hard aspect of
trend is that a large number of aliens struggle to find a dignified job.Even though, they have an academic degree or professional skills.
hurdle not only forces them to live under the poverty line but
engage in a manual job. To illustrate, almost two-quarters of foreigners living in Canada have to do the unskilled job regardless of their graduate degree from their homeland as they are not efficient in the foreign language. In conclusion, due to separate vernacular, outsiders in a new state have to go through various social and practical complications which pose diverse obstacles in their proper settlement in the developed countries.

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