Globalisation has brought about more positive economic impacts than negative ones. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Since the World Trade Organisation has been founded, all countries across the world are tightened by trades. Some people argue that the trend of globalization generates more benefits in comparison with its drawbacks. From my perspective, I completely agree with
statement because economic progress is the most essential one for society and only countries with a strong
can resolve problems caused. On the one hand, economic growth is the most vital factor for the government undoubtedly.
, a healthy
can result in more job creations, greater Gross Domestic Production (GDP), and higher salaries for all citizens.
, economic advancement ensures governments to have more funds that can be spent on infrastructure.
For instance
, a government with greater revenue can invest more in the public transportation system, healthcare and education.
, a strong
helps the country to stand on the global stage, in terms of political strength and trading power.
On the other hand
, many people’s concerns on environmental issues caused by globalisation are unnecessary. The main results of
kind of problems are global warming, destruction of ecosystem and distinction of endangered species. While these questions can be tackled, people need to slow the rate until cutting-edge technology developed to a higher level than ever
that is
capable of coping with environmental issues. The main way to access that level is done by a large investment so that the globalisation that can produce huge money flow and boom economic growth is indispensable and should be encouraged more. In conclusion,
globalisation indeed brings some cons, it
offers people a stronger and healthier
. I believe that the advantages of
trend outweigh its disadvantages because domestic individuals can enjoy better living standards and the potential for resolving negative consequences is huge.
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