Although there is a lot of software available today that can translate from one language to another, it is still necessary for people to learn a foreign language. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Nowadays, with the help of computers and smart devices, translators are able without delay and errors to translate from one language to another. While some people believe that it is enough for the modern person to have the application, I would argue that learning foreign dialects is mandatory for every person since it helps individuals to feel confident abroad.
, using equipment for translation has enhanced face-to-face communication between people.
, a huge number of issues will happen if the application misunderstood the spelling of one’s dialect.
For example
languages as Chinese and French are concentrated on sounds and spelling and,
, one word can have different meanings according to the pronunciation. In fact, each software devices can occur error and it is vital for people not to rely only on the application.
As a result
, individuals should learn foreign speeches if they want to be understood correctly.
, learning local speeches has a significant effect on the academic level of the student or scientists.
, if any student who wants to pursue its education from an international university cannot rely on translators to complete the studies. To illustrate
, for any student applying to a university to pursue tertiary education it is mandatory to provide the proficiency test of the language medium. In conclusion, during the age of modern devices, it seems that learning of foreign language is a waste of time, due to beneficial technologies that can fast and quite correct translate the information.
, despite cutting edge technologies, learning is always beneficial for mankind to survive in a country where everyone uses a local way to communicate with each other.

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