In many countries, the proportion of older people is steadily increasing. Does this trend have more positive or negative effects on the society?

Demographics show that in many recent years, there has been an upward trend in the number of elderly worldwide. From my point of view,
development has brought us more drawbacks than benefits. The growth of the senior population has caused many negative effects on the economy and societies.
and foremost, as life expectancy increases, more money is needed to pay for pension as well as improve social programmes. To be specific, the more
retire, the fewer are left to work, which will create an economic hole since there will be a burden on the national budget and young
with the increase in taxes and bills.
In addition
, as
reach their twilight years, they are more likely to face health problems, which will put a huge impact on the requirement to develop the healthcare system.
, the increasing number of older citizens will exacerbate overpopulation all over the world, which means there will not be enough land and resources for humanity’s existence.
On the other hand
, there are definitely some certain positive aspects of
development. The
point to note is the better environment for upbringing children with senior
, which mainly because the elderly are obviously more experienced in looking after children as well as giving them a friendly atmosphere to grow up as most parents nowadays are getting busier and do not have enough time to take good care of their kids.
, governments should take the appropriate action
as expanding the working age in order to create a silver tsunami so that the old can make more contributions to society. In conclusion, the growth in life expectancy has some considerable benefits,
, I personally believe that its disadvantages cannot be underestimated and solutions should be implemented to help improve the situation.
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