In the past the older generation were a source of knowledge and experience. Nowadays, the older generation have little understanding or experience of the modern world. Has this had any negative impact on the way the elderly are treated by society and the family? What could be done to solve the situation?

The more the world develops, the more noticeable the generation gap becomes.
In particular
, if a few decades ago the older individuals were perceived as experts in any field of life,
these days the improvement of high technologies put the latter in a difficult situation due to the lack of appropriate knowledge.
, the elder generation is deserved less appreciation from the public and the members of the family. One of the solutions might be various educational programs implemented by the government.
To begin
with, nobody would deny in the past the elder individuals were an irreplaceable source of information. Once one of the members of the family emerged in a complicated condition,
he would definitely need the advice of his elder grandparent. To some extent, now they are ignored by society, as long as the modern world has its own rules which are unachievable for the older generation.
, the latter suffers from a lack of attention and respect. The most salient example is the Elders’ House in Tokyo. The number of patients has been tripled throughout the
seven years. To the best of my knowledge, the Government should take some measures to tackle
In particular
, the state may commence a special program that will contribute to enhancing the elders’ reputation.
For example
, they can be included in some school projects. How efficient can be the lesson about World War
if it is represented by the mouth of its participant?
programs may not only raise the level of self-confidence among elder people but
make them smart and high-experienced individuals in society. In conclusion, these days the elder members of the society possess less authority in comparison to previous times, and the state is capable to set a balance via a number of appropriate projects.

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