some say that music, art and drama are as important as other school subjects, especially at the primary level. do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that fine arts are as significant as other education topics, particularly at the primary level. When we consider all biological and physical benefits of musical, artwork and drama since children start their
year in school. I totally agree that the importance of fine arts is undeniable.
and drama's effects are not as visible as science's in our lives, it has a big impact on our
development since childhood period.
is because it can be said that artwork stimulates different parts of the
and creates new neuron connections between
For example
, a neurological study published by the University of Hong Kong shows that 73% of successful mathematic scientists started to take piano lessons at primary school and their bain maps prove that their numeric skills are better than those who have no any
-related background. Another striking point regarding
importance is it is grifted with science , as fine
contributes to inspiring aspects.
, many other science-related areas
as hospitals are using musical, painting , acting works
their drug medications to help their patients.
For instance
, At Oxford University , cancer patients were asked if they would like to have a screen that contains acting show, relaxing meditation music or drawing skills during their chemotherapy sessions and 87% of them said
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show examples
of the pain-relieving effect of it. To conclude,
is as significant as other school subjects,
as a result
, these kinds of educational topics should be considered at the same level as the other topics from the
step of the education life. as it can be seen how essential in terms of kids'
development and in treatment methods too.

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