These days people in some countries are living in a “throwaway” society which means people use things in a short time then throw them away. What do you think is the cause and what problem will it lead to?

The throwaway
, a rather contemporary terminology that describes people's tendency to discarding goods only after a short life cycle, is not novel to most residents in economically developed areas.
essay will look at some primary reasons for
phenomenon and the adverse impacts that it could have on the environment. The significant boost in manufacturing productivity attribute to continuous technology breakthrough is the main reason. Mass production and automatic assembly line installed in most factories nowadays significantly increase the output and
, lower the cost of consumer goods.
For example
, household durables,
as TV and fridges, are more affordable to present ordinary citizens with an average income.
As a result
, compared to having broken appliances fixed, replacing them with a brand new model is not as costly as before but more time-saving and convenient for families in urban areas. The detrimental impact on the environment is the most direct consequence of
trend. A large amount of domestic waste is inevitably generated daily. Even though some can be recycled assuming that household garbage classification is effectively implemented in most communities, more landfills are still needed, let alone the potential threat posed by non-biodegradable rubbish, which directly contaminates soil and water. Take plastic bags,
for instance
, Plastic bags are difficult and costly to recycle and most end up on landfill sites where they take around 300 years to decompose. They break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways and enter the food chain when animals accidentally ingest them. In conclusion, there are various factors leading to the advent of our throwaway
and increasing consumer debt and environmental damage are the two major problems that result from
. Eradicating the throwaway culture in modern
is an effective

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