Some people think governments should spend money looking for life on other planets, while others think that there are many unsolved problems on earth. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

cutting-edge technological era, a tremendous financial amount is being spent on innovations to make human life possible on sphere other than earth.
, an array of masses prioritizes to resolve existing issues and thoughts related to both viewpoints would be captivated in the following paragraphs. There are a plethora of reasons for supporting the notion of the discovery of humanity on other planets. The foremost one is the excessive increase in the globe's population,
as a result
, the public has become prone to poverty as well as issues related to global warming.
, when the folks start residing on other spheres a catastrophic amount of air, water and noise contamination would shrink.
For example
, the success in the research conducted by NASA in context to human life on Mars would bring a sudden reduction in the population and global warming.
, there are several complications which the inhabitants of the globe are suffering from starvation and hazardous maladies especially in the rudimentary nation where the majority of the individuals reside on a breadline which makes it hard for them to make the ends meet and they cannot afford reasonable healthcare amenities due to poverty.
, it is necessary to grasp the nettle of existing bottlenecks like lack of food and poverty in order to protect the entire humanity.
For example
, the illnesses the occur in the backward areas may generate hazardous pandemics throughout the world,
, the legislators should pay heed to present difficulties using appropriate financial support. To conclude,
, it is not a bad idea to seek human life on other planets, yet the importance of addressing present complications cannot be neglected. In my opinion, the higher authorities should put endeavours to solve existing issues.

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