Doing homework should be mandatory because it helps to retain knowledge students have learnt at school. To what extend do you agree?

The topic of homework has always been controversial and ambivalent.
, there are various opinions and one of them is that home task should be obligatory because it is a crucial aspect of maintaining beneficial information which was obtained by students at school. Frankly speaking, I agree with
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essay would like to substantiate my point of view
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task provides the opportunity to reiterate received knowledge by implementing certain tasks.
, it is a great capacity to deal with obscure stuff by yourself.
For example
, I read the article a few days ago which is said that according to scientific research the most helpful way to keep the knowledge in mind is by repeating the information in the form of complicated exercises which burden people’s brain.
, there are different cases in which apprentices can not digest the full amount of information
as lack of time because in the majority of schools lesson lasts approximately 40 minutes or poor quality of teaching.
For instance
, in seventh grade, I had a math teacher who just graduated from University and did not have proper work experience with children. It was near impossible to understand his explanations.
, homework and independent studying assisted me to figure out and learn the basics of mathematics. In conclusion, I would like to say that home task should be a mandatory part of pupils’ studying path. The reason is that it enables them to retain the full amount of knowledge

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