As housing is a basic need for people, government should provide free housing for everyone who can not afford it, to what extent do you agree or disagree?

A place of shelter is one of the basic requirements, a person needs to sustain. Some people believe that the government ought to offer free accommodation to all the members of the society who are not able to buy any property by themselves. I partially advocate
essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the same with relevant examples. To commence with, the advantages of giving a free
of living are two-fold.
, it will help to reduce the poverty in a country. It is a well-known fact that many countries, especially the developing ones face the enormous problem of scarcity.
, if state authorities make some policies for providing home subsidies to the underprivileged population, the nation would gradually get rid of its biggest issue of poorness. To exemplify, it has been observed in a study that 55 per cent of people come under the poverty line who can not afford a
for their family.
, it will lower the rate of crime. It has been observed that poor people do indulge in many petty crimes because of not having enough living space and lack of economic opportunities. To illustrate, poors are desperate to get any valuable thing as they are not able to afford it.
, apart from the above benefits of offering free shelter, there are some drawbacks that can not be ignored.
To begin
with, getting a free home will make the public dependent.
In other words
, if a
is easily accessible by a person, he would become lazy, as no labour and hard work is required to get a place.
, to construct a
, big land is required. Because in an urban area, the residential area is limited, the government will have to clean the green earth for giving property to anyone.
For instance
, almost 60 % of green earth have already been utilised in offering free shelters to the community. To recapitulate, having considered the above points, I believe that for the betterment of the society it is good to provide free residence to some family as it aids to decrease the poverty and crimes,
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some rules should be enforced to overcome the above drawbacks.

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